Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine


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A Review of the Breville Barista Pro 

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell  Last updated: Feb 6, 2024

The Breville Barista Pro presents a stylish addition to any countertop with its brushed stainless-steel body, illuminated control panel, and elegant portafilter. Renowned for creating appliances that awaken the inner chef, Breville's Barista Pro stands as a testament to this legacy, offering both style and substance.

Equipped with Breville's ThermoJet technology, the Barista Pro reaches the ideal extraction temperature in just 3 seconds, ensuring optimal flavor from the coffee beans. The machine's built-in conical burr grinder provides full control over grind size, delivering the perfect dose for each shot. The 1600W boiler system, coupled with digital PID temperature control, guarantees hot water instantly, while the 15 bar Italian pump extracts the full flavor profile of the coffee.

Breville Barista Pro espresso machine in a kitchen

The Barista Pro encourages exploration and precision with advanced manual controls for grind size, dose, water temperature, and extraction time, allowing for the crafting of the perfect espresso. The machine consistently produces complex and clear flavors, comparable to those experienced in Italy. It also simplifies milk steaming and frothing, automatically adjusting to the ideal temperature and texture for various drinks.

The grinder's upper and lower burrs are removable for easy cleaning, ensuring fresh grounds every time. With 30 grind settings, users can tailor the grind to their preferred roast and method. The intuitive controls facilitate precise dosing for single or double shots, and the patented Razor dose-trimming tool levels the coffee puck for optimal extraction.

The Barista Pro's temperature control is precise, with the PID system maintaining stability and allowing for temperature adjustments in 4°F increments. The low-pressure pre-infusion feature draws out the full spectrum of coffee flavors.

Beyond espresso, the machine includes a hot water outlet for Americanos and cup pre-heating. The steam wand produces microfoam suitable for professional latte art.

The design of the Barista Pro is both sleek and practical, with a spacious drip tray and ample space for drink preparation. The intuitive control panel and clear LCD display make it user-friendly.

In summary, the Breville Barista Pro is a robust machine that offers creative control and intuitive operation, producing high-quality espresso that rivals the best in the world. It's a source of both passion and delight, bringing the excellence of Milanese espresso into the home. Thank you, Breville, for consistently exceeding expectations.

Breville Barista Pro espresso machine