BUNN Coffee Maker 

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Review

Brewing At The Speed Of Caffeine


By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Feb 3, 2024

The mighty BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup promises to fulfill your morning coffee needs in a flash, brewing up to 10 cups in a mere wink thanks to its industrial-grade velocity brewing technology. But does speed necessarily sacrifice flavor? I set out on a mission to put this turbo-charged brewer to the test and see if it lives up to its caffeinated claims.  

BUNN has been crafting commercial-grade brewers for over a century, perfecting the art of jet-propelled java. The GRB Velocity aims to bring that rocket-fueled reliability to the home market, targeting go-getters who value    time-saving features above all else.  

Armed with my stopwatch and an ample supply of coffee beans, I embarked on my speedy evaluation. This Bunn Coffee brewer proved a speed demon indeed, whipping up a full carafe in as little as 3 minutes and 15 seconds! Powered by a 1500 watt heating element, the Bunn Coffee brewer ensured all the water hit the ideal temperature for maximum extraction efficiency. Plus, the permanent gold filter was quick to rinse and ready for its next high-octane brewing run.  

While the Velocity delivered on its promise of motorized morning momentum, some cups tended toward the strongly brewed side early on. This plucky little brewer seems so excited to get the job done in record time that it sometimes overdelivers on the caffeine kick. But with a few tweaks to the grind and a slightly lighter hand on the coffee shovel, I was able to coax out smoother, more nuanced flavors from the Velocity's brews.

In the end, while most batches leaned a bit toward the darker roasts, this speedster's highlights far outweighed its few foibles. And isn't jet-fueled java worth a minor trade-off in balanced flavor? For those with places to go and a serious need for speed, the Bunn Coffee brewer is sure to become your new favorite brewing companion - provided you don't mind the occasional jolt of robust java rocket fuel to power your morning missions.  

Will this turbo-charged brewer become a permanent fixture in my caffeine fleet? Only time will tell - and for the GRB, time is something it never has enough of! But one thing is certain: for brewing thrills, this jet-black bullet definitely delivers. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to refuel for my next caffeinated adventure!



• Extremely fast brew time (under 3 minutes)

• Heats water to proper temperature range

• Permanent gold filter traps most grounds

• Easy-fill 60 oz. water reservoir


• Uneven extraction can cause strong/bitter notes

• Glass carafe loses heat quickly

• More maintenance required due to heavy use