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Transforming My Kitchen into a Coffee Oasis

By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Feb 3, 2024

Making a perfect cup of coffee at home can seem as elusive as finding the legendary Golden Fleece. But what if I told you there is a contraption that could transform your kitchen into your own personal java playground? Enter the Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker.   

If the name sounds intimidating, think of this magical machine not as a Death Star for your coffee beans, but as a loyal buddy ready to whip up rich, flavorful brews at a moment's notice. To help you decide if the Wolf Gourmet is the Robocop of coffee makers, my mission today is to share what I learned after testing this bad boy out in my own kitchen for a week straight.  

How it Works

Let's start with the basics. Brewing begins by adding ground coffee to the filter. Water is heated to the temperature you select, up to 205°F, then the Wolf Gourmet percolates hot water through the grounds to extract the flavor you crave. The Wolf Gourmet can brew a single cup or up to 10 cups at once. Its elegant carafe kept my coffee warm for over an hour while retaining flavor. Controls are simple and intuitive, with programmable options dialed in by the factory for gourmet coffee.

The result? Bold, flavorful coffee right at your fingertips any time of day or night.

Sleek looks, Simple Controls 

The Wolf Coffee Makers' modern Scandinavian design will seamlessly blend into any kitchen aesthetic. Sleek black or silver panels cover a powerful yet surprisingly compact machine. At 14 inches wide with an 8-inch depth, this espresso maker takes up minimal counter space.Function buttons glow a soothing blue which I found relaxing in the morning hours, evoking memories of a neon beer sign in a cool urban cafe.

While some coffee machines feel like the cockpit of a 747, I was shocked by how simple the Wolf Gourmet was to operate. Just power on with the illuminated button and choose your drink. Programmable settings allow choosing coffee strength from mild to strong, plus the ideal brew time and temperature for each type of roast. This reproducibility helped me dial in my favorite French press-like brew. Consistency is a hallmark of commercial machines, and the Wolf Gourmet delivered.


The Wolf Gourmet shines at basic functions. However, limitations become evident with advanced use. The water reservoir holds 48 ounces, requiring refills for larger batches. Metal filters cost extra and provide a superior brew over paper filters. Some coffee oils can clog internal parts over time. Though self-cleaning, occasional manual cleaning of the filter basket and gaskets remains.

In the end, the outstanding yield, versatility and streamlined operation of the Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker more than makes up for a few minor inconveniences in my view. If you truly value consistency, convenience and cafe-quality in your morning cup, this machine could just change your life.

Wolf Gourmet coffee maker


• Brews gourmet espresso, drip coffee and hot cocoa at the push of a button            

• Grinds beans fresh just before brewing to lock in maximum flavor                  

• Heating system optimizes water temperature to suit every drink          

• Automatic milk frother makes barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos  

• Programmable settings remember your favorite drink choices                    

• Compact, attractive design with easy-to-read digital display                 

• Automatic self-cleaning and descaling cycles reduce maintenance            


• Pricey initial investment (though worth it for serious coffee connoisseurs)

• Small water reservoir requires frequent refilling  

• Aftermarket parts and filters can get expensive                                         

• Steaming wand requires practice to master for elaborate latte art