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An Appreciation of the Capable DeLonghi EC680 Dedica

By: James Butler        Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Feb 3, 2024

Prepare your beans and biceps, barista bros - we're ranking espresso's petite powerhouse: the quirky yet capable DeLonghi EC680 Dedica. This pint-sized marvel proves that  grande coffee dreams can be brewed in tiny spaces.   

Though diminutive in dimensions, the Dedica espresso machine blasts flavors beyond its 40-pound frame using a compact 15-bar pump and dual thermoblock heating system. This hybrid setup delivers both consistent brewing temperatures and 15MPa of pressure - ideal for extracting the full flavor profiles hidden within your favorite blends.   

Despite its serious specs, the Dedica espresso machine maintained an endearing DIY spirit through clever design choices. The bean hopper swings out from the side for refilling, while the removable water reservoir sports an integrated milk jug - perfect for whipping up velvety latte foam before each pour.   

And what pours the DeLonghi Dedica delivers! Thanks to a precision filter holder and Turkish coffee style spout, this pocket rocket unleashes ristrettos that rival basement baristas twice its size. But beware: extraction novices often overload the tiny filter basket, resulting in under-extracted sludge pools. Of course, any espresso education begins with mistakes.    

So fill the integrated tamping station with your finely ground beans, level them with the provided tool and hit "brew" on the intuitive LCD touchscreen panel.  Watch as the machine hums to life, quietly hissing and ticking with workmanlike focus. And when the final drop reads perfection, reward yourself with luxuriously textured milk thanks to the compact foamwand.

For its reasonable price, you'll be hard-pressed to find a machine with the DeLonghi Dedica's portability, customizability and barista-quality results in such an aesthetically pleasing package. True, its steam power may fall short of espresso goliaths and accessories are sparse, but few match the Dedica for enabling experimentation without financial intimidation.   

So hit "store" and embark upon bean's espresso journey from the comfort of your own kitchen countertop. Who knows what caffeine-fueled wonders await  your across thresholds both micro and macro? Your miniature marvel awaits, my diminutive baristabro. What espresso epiphanies will you brew today?     

DeLonghi Dedica espresso machine


Compact, Portable | Affordable | Intuitive Controls | MicroFoam Wand


Limited Optional Accessories | Underpowered Steam Arm| Small Filter Basket