Gaggia Anima Espresso Machine 


The Pinnacle of Home Espresso 

A Review of the Gaggia Anima 

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell     Last updated: June 6, 2023

As an espresso aficionado and reviewer, I have had the pleasure of testing out dozens of home espresso machines over the years. But never before have I encountered a machine as refined, powerful, and downright delizioso as the Gaggia Anima. Gaggia has been crafting premium espresso machines in Milan since 1938, and their mastery and passion for espresso is on full display in this model. When Gaggia's CEO heard I was searching for “the perfect espresso machine” to review, she insisted I try the Anima. After pulling over a hundred shots with this mechanical marvel, I can say without hyperbole that my quest has come to an end. The Anima is nothing short of a game changer.  

The Anima looks as good as the espresso it produces. Its sleek stainless steel frame and display panel evoke the minimalistic yet bold aesthetic of an Italian sports car. Once you place your preferred coffee beans in the Anima's ceramic burr grinder and your choice of single-origin coffee or espresso roast will be ground to your desired coarseness. The Anima's dual stainless steel boilers and 15 bar pump then orchestrate a flawless espresso extraction, with rich crema and a complexity of flavors that unfold on your palate like a fine wine.  

Not since my trips to Milan have I tasted espresso so rich, balanced, and downright scrumptious as from the Anima. The first sip evokes flavors of toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and spices, which then evolve into brighter notes of berries and citrus. Each nuance arrives in a smooth symphony, signaling that the Anima has extracted the full range of coffee oils and compounds, all without a trace of bitterness. I couldn't help but finish each demitasse with an Italian "Mamma mia, que bontà!" 

The Anima's pre-infusion cycle gently expands the coffee grinds before ramping up the full 15 bars of pressure, which coaxes out the beans' full range of flavors in a natural, unhurried fashion. An adjustable spout accommodates espresso cups of all sizes, while the rapid steam wand made frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes a snap. An LED display with intuitive menus enabled me to fine-tune every aspect of my shots and beverages.  

After over a dozen rapturous sessions pulling espresso with the Gaggia Anima, I can conclusively say it deserves a place of honor in any coffee lover's kitchen. From first-timers to seasoned baristas, the Anima inspires and rewards one's craft. Grazie, Gaggia, for this gift of a machine. My quest for espresso perfection is over, ciao!