By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 13, 2024

The Chemex is an iconic manual pour-over brewer that has been making coffee the same way since 1941. It produces a clean, nuanced cup that highlights the flavors in your beans.

Design: The Chemex has a unique hourglass shape made of pure glass with a wood collar. It feels substantial and will last for years of daily use. The glass construction allows you to see the whole brewing process.

Brewing Process: Chemex uses a proprietary bonnet filter to produce a coffee with no fines or sediment. You add grounds to the filter, then slowly pour heated water over top using the natural paper filter as an additional strainer. The process encourages full extraction for a smooth cup. 

Ease of Use: Pour-over brewing has a learning curve to dial in your ratio and pouring technique, but once you get it the Chemex is very simple to use. Clean-up is just rinsing the glass carafe and reusing the long-lasting collared filters.

Taste: The Chemex shines with light to medium roast coffees, letting intricate flavors come through clearly. It reduces bitterness compared to auto drip machines. Some say the results are similar to a vacuum pot with more control.

Value: The Chemex is more expensive up front than simple auto drip makers, but it will last for decades and produces a superior cup. Its simple design requires no electricity so it’s easier on your wallet and the environment long-term. 

While it takes a bit more effort than an electric drip, the Chemex Classic Pour-Over Coffee Maker remains the gold standard manual brewer for its consistent results and ability to highlight what’s great about your favorite beans. It's a worthwhile investment for coffee lovers.


•Made of high-quality borosilicate glass that is durable and non-porous. Produces a concentrated coffee concentrate. 

•Requires paper filters that provide sediment-free coffee. Paper filters included and very affordable. 

•Holds 6 ounces of coffee grounds and up to 4 cups of water. Good for 1-2 servings. 

•Simple manual control of water temperature and pour time. Requires hands-on effort but leads to nuanced flavor. Not ideal for fully automated brewing. 

•Cone-shaped design with ribbed base improves stability. Rustproof collar supports the glass. 

•High heat retention keeps water temperature even as coffee extracts. Results in evenly extracted coffee. 

•Glass is odorless, tasteless and chemically inert. Does not affect coffee flavor. 

•Concentrate can be poured directly or diluted with hot/cold milk, water, etc. 

•Affordable, high-quality and durable. Lifetime warranty. 

•Upfront investment in time and effort leads to complex, full coffee concentrates and an unparalleled experience. 

•Crafted to craft an almost espresso-like concentrate optimized for flavor. Simple but premium design.

•Ideal for serious enthusiasts and baristas looking for more control. Provides an artistic brewing experience.

•Delivers an iconic artisinal coffee experience at an accessible price point. Despite manual effort, the coffee concentrate makes it worthwhile.