Bodum French Press 

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker preview

Simple Luxury

 Discovering the Joy of the Bodum Chambord French Press

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell   Last updated: Jan 29, 2024

When I first received the Bodum Chambord French press to review, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. French presses can be so simple, how different could one really be? But boy was I wrong - this beautiful beaker quickly became my favorite way to brew coffee. 

The first thing that impressed me was the solid, substantial feel of the borosilicate glass beaker and stainless-steel parts. This French press feels like a tool meant to last for years through daily use. The tight-fitting, plunger slowly pushes down revealing a dry filter screen that traps all the grounds perfectly, ensuring you get every last drop of flavor without grit.   

The first cup of coffee I brewed in the glass carafe was eye opening. The simplicity of steeping the grounds in hot water with just an occasional stir reveals so many subtle flavors and aromas in your favorite roast. I could actually taste subtle notes of cocoa and  fruit that I hadn't noticed before using an automated drip machine. 

Now I cherish the rich ritual of grinding my own beans, bringing the water to a boil, and carefully lowering the grounds into the tall glass cylinder to steep to perfection. And then that first sip, accompanied by the aroma that fills my kitchen, instantly makes me feel alive and ready to start the day. The Bodum Chambord French press has definitely become one of my favorite ways  to brew delicious, flavorful coffee right at home. The simple, solid design allows me to really focus on and savor the experience of crafting my perfect cup.

Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker,


 - Durable borosilicate glass and stainless-steel construction

 - Accurate, sliding filter plunger for a grit-free cup

 - Tall design allows grounds to fully steep for maximum flavor

 - Simple, no-frills design lets you focus on the coffee


 - Nothing I can think of! This French press does its job beautifully and simply.