By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 13, 2024

The Hario V60 is an essential pour-over brewer loved by coffee enthusiasts and professionals. It produces a clean, nuanced cup with minimal equipment:

Design: Made of heat-resistant plastic, the V60 has a simple cone design that allows water to slowly saturate and drain through grounds for full extraction. The 03 size filters are #2-4 on the paper scale for a medium flow. 

Brewing: A bit more involved than automatic brewers but simpler than other pour-overs. Grind coffee medium-fine, add a paper filter, and slowly pour in concentric circles waiting 30 seconds between pours. Clever but minimalist.

Flavors: Known for showcasing natural flavors in coffee that other methods can mask. Acidity, sweetness and subtle notes are clean and front-and-center. Part of its popularity is producing excellent results with a short learning curve.

Control: The cone shape gives excellent control over bloom time, water temperature, pouring rate and swirling technique for full customization of strength and flavor profile to your preferences. 

Cleanup: Just throw out the used filter paper. Rinsing the plastic cone is quick. Portable, durable and practically indestructible making it great for travel or the office.

Value: At its low price point, it offers performance far beyond simple auto-drip and flexibility that more advanced pour-over devices lack. A worthy addition for any coffee lover’s toolkit.

For revealing what makes each coffee unique, the lightweight yet full-flavored Hario V60 Pour-Over Coffee Maker is a favorite industry standard for great reason.

Pros :

•Designed to produce a balanced coffee concentrate. Features a paper filter in a heat-resistant plastic ring and lid. 

•Paper filters are naturally acid-resistant, affordable and minimal sediment. Produce clear coffee concentrate. 

•Holds 1-4 cups of coffee and up to 16 ounces of grounds. Ideal for single servings. 

•Requires manual control of temperature, pour time and grind. More hands-on control than electric pour-overs. Customize your perfect cup. 

•Lightweight, durable and space-saving plastic design. Compact with variety of color options. 

•Economical paper filter minimizes cost and waste while delivering performance. Can be reused multiple times before affecting quality. 

•Narrower spout makes pouring easier and fuller coverage of grounds. Paper filter prevents leakage and mess. 

•Very affordable, economical and eco-friendly. Minimal upfront costs. Low ongoing costs. 

•Simple, minimal and unadorned yet versatile design. Paper filter produces light/bright to full-bodied tones. Adapts to tastes. 

•Ideal for tight spaces, single cups, minimalism and frequent/high-volume use. Understated premium look. Great for on-the-go or desktop. 

•Durable and long-lasting. Holds up well to frequent high-volume use at home or in shops. 2-year warranty.