Diguo Belgium Syphon Coffee Maker Review

By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 9, 2024

The Diguo Belgian Syphon exemplifies the elegant craftsmanship this historic method is renowned for.

Constructed entirely from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, its classic architecture has remained unchanged for over a century. The balanced fulcrum design allows the lower chamber to rise and fall effortlessly with changes in pressure. Each component fits together with precision German glassblowing.

To use it properly requires delicacy and patience, which as a seasoned barista I appreciate. By controlling variables like grind size, water temperature and steeping/extraction times, I've achieved sweet, nuanced cups identical to the fluid saturating siphon brews served in Belgian cafes.

Its ritualistic workflow feels almost scientific, allowing variables to develop flavors naturally without machinery intervening. Watching the brew through its transparent body is mesmerizing. For baristas seeking to understand coffee on a fundamental level, this process is an enlightening experience.

Of course, syphon brewing has limits. It's best for small batches of specialty coffee where quality trumps quantity. But for aficionados intrigued by tradition and complete manual control, few methods better showcase a barista's nuanced skills like the Diguo Belgian. It earns its place among the fine accessories in my collection.


• Affordable price point for a borosilicate glass syphon    

• Durable borosilicate glass construction 

• Compact footprint for countertop use

• Includes accessories for easy setup


• Limited temperature control and adjustment options  

• Plastic components for seal ring, lever and handles

In sum, the Diguo Belgium Syphon achieves a refreshing sense of purpose and purity in its "back to basics" design and functionality. For those seeking an authentic introduction to syphon brewing and an attractively understated addition to their coffee routine, the Diguo may satisfy perfectly.