Krups Precise Flat Burr Grinder


Big Grind Quality, Small Price Tag  

The Krups Precise Coffee Grinder Maximizes Flavor for Any Budget

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell   Last updated: Feb 6, 2024

The Krups Precise grinder is an excellent entry-level option for those wanting to elevate their home coffee game with fresh, consistently ground beans. Out of the box, it makes a solid first impression with sharp stainless exterior and generous bean hopper and collection container.

At only 110 watts, it maintains a small footprint while housing a burr set capable of 12 grind settings from extra fine Turkish to coarse French press. As someone who has used flat burr grinders at every price point, I found grind quality very good for the money, with minimal fines production.

Consistency is reliable enough for pour over and press methods. While it can be noisy compared to higher-end models, this is a machine priced for any serious hobbyist. At under $100 it is hard to complain about some grinding noise. The removable collection container empties with a simple twist, releasing no grounds.

For someone with a tight budget, the Precise would be a completely adequate home grinder choice. It produces better tasting results than pre-ground and lets users adjust the grind for various brew methods. Krups clearly aimed this affordable model squarely at passionate home brewers.

All we can say about this gorgeous grinder, that with its durable construction and effective burrs, the Precise will last through many years of daily use. Its low price means this grinder pays for itself in no time.



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