By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 22, 2024

The Bodum Depression Coffee Maker can trace its design roots back over a century to the era when vacuum coffee makers first captured the public imagination. Originally conceived by Danish inventor Søren Berg in the early 1900s, Berg's cylindrical syphon design embodied the Nordic values of functionality, simplicity and restrained elegance.  

Nearly a century later, Bodum - a Danish housewares company renowned for modernist aesthetics - resurrected Berg's elegant silhouette and updated it with borosilicate glass, sturdy metal accents and colorful options that bring a touch of mid-century flair. The resultant  Depression Maker embodies the simplicity and rounded curves characteristic of Scandinavian design, balancing uniform form and unified purpose within a compact horizontal footprint.    

Manufactured to this day using Borosilicate glass for maximum heat resistance and durability, the simple unbroken shape of Bodum's Depression Maker distills the syphon brewing process to its barest essentials. Through its sleek cylinder and stable base, this minimalist syphon aims to produce an alchemy as much of texture, aroma and ritual as of balanced flavors and nuanced notes - transforming a humble act of caffeine delivery into a ceremony unto itself.


• Compact cylindrical glass body with flat bottomed base    

• Sturdy metal frame and support stand  

• Variety of color options to match any kitchen decor

• Inexpensive compared to other syphons  

• Produces balanced yet rich-flavored coffee


• No temperature controls beyond heating element on/off

• Difficult to measure precise temperatures    

• Can be unstable or prone to tipping over