By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 21, 2024

If you seek not just a syphon coffee maker but an "objet d'art" to grace your counter and soothe your senses, look no further than the Yama Siphon Stove Top Coffee Maker.

Handcrafted in Japan with meticulous attention to detail from polished borosilicate glass with a brass-accented base, the Yama balanced construction allows seamless extraction through pressure changes. At just under 9 inches tall, it takes up minimal space yet feels substantial in the hand.

What impressed me most is how consistently it produces complex, nuanced cups that highlight different bean origins and processing styles. With precision temperature control and by adjusting steeping/extraction times, you can explore bolder or more delicate profiles.

Its innovative condenser/evaporator assembly provides a stable workflow. Watching droplets form through the glass is meditative. Best of all, dismantling and assembly could not be simpler for fast cleanup.

While syphons require dedication versus automatic brewers, the Yama strikes an ideal balance of craft and consistency for a busy cafe. I trust it to showcase specialty coffee for customers through elegantly refined flavor. For baristas seeking the nuance of siphon brewing alongside commercial reliability, it is a quintessential tool. The Yama Glass Siphon is truly the benchmark of modern syphon design.


• Beautifully crafted borosilicate glass body   

• Range of aesthetic finishes from matte to engraved patterns

• Includes all necessary accessories  

• Classic stove top heating design   

• Produces subtly nuanced, complex flavors


• No ability to quantitatively monitor or adjust temperature

• Limited temperature stability on stovetop heating    

• Higher price point for a stove top syphon  

The Yama Siphon Stove Top achieves the rare balance of both exterior beauty and interior brewing competence. Its graceful gestures and ritualistic operation invite a meditative approach to coffee making, transporting the mind beyond the four walls of your kitchen. For those looking for a syphon that is as much decorative art as it is a functioning coffee maker, Yama's exquisite craftmanship delivers the holy union of form and function.