Quqiyso French Press 


The Rustic Ruffian

An Unlikely Ally in Creating Unrestrained Flavor - The QUQIYSO French Press

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell   Last updated: Jan 29, 2024

The arrival of the QUQIYSO French press sparked unwanted friction amongst my brewing utensils.   

My sleek black stovetop espresso maker eyed this newcomer with disdain as it settled onto the counter, clad in unabashed copper hue. My simple matte-black AeroPress seemed to shuffle away, seeking distance from this unapologetic rustic.   

And yet, the QUQIYSO's good-natured charm soon won me over. As I downed my first pot brewed within its voluptuous borosilicate carafe, I savored rich notes unlike those released by my minimalist mates. The heat-resistant glass laughed away errant splashes of boiling water, promising longevity beyond its humble cost.       

What had seemed a discordant intruder now injected life into my monochrome brew station. Its heft and sturdy build exuding a sense of craftsmanship absent in my more austere companions.      

So I've grown accustomed to this industrial instigator amidst my sleek cohorts. Reminding me that sometimes, simple tools done exceedingly well bring the most joy. Whether clad in copper or matte black, a French press is judged not by its hue, but by the coffee it helps cultivate.      

The QUQIYSO would not be everyone's cup of tea - some prefer understated tools that blend in quietly. But for those seeking a steadfast partner to enliven their brew ritual through seemingly discordant means, its charming rustic build may prove difficult to resist.

QUQIYSO French Press Coffee Maker


• Heat resistant borosilicate carafe will last for years of daily use

• Rust resistant stainless steel filter and components ensure long lifespan

• Large 34oz capacity is ideal for brewing multiple cups at once

• Affordable price for the durable materials and craftsmanship


• The copper colorway may not appeal to those who prefer more minimalist aesthetics