4 Best Syphon Coffee Makers

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Welcome to the world of siphon coffee makers, where precision meets elegance in the art of brewing. Siphon brewers, also known as vacuum pot or syphon coffee makers, are a unique and visually striking method of coffee extraction that has been used for over a century. Originally developed in the 1830s, siphon brewers use changes in heat and pressure to slowly steep ground coffee directly in the cup, yielding an incredibly clean and nuanced cup. With their mesmerizing glass chambers, intricate design, and theatrical brewing process, siphon coffee makers have long captivated coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Through a delicate process of boiling, condensing and extracting, siphon brewers are able to highlight the natural flavors in coffee in a way that no drip coffee machine can match. They have become a favored brewing method of specialty coffee enthusiasts and cafes worldwide thanks to their ability to produce soft, complex cups with nuanced acidity and little to no bitterness. On this page, you will discover some of the best siphon coffee makers on the market from top brands like Yama, Hario and Anthropic, along with insights into how to use each type of brewer to maximize flavor.

Capacity: 17 Fluid Ounces

Color: Golden

Coffee Maker Type: Vacuum Coffee Pot

Material: Steel, Siphon, borosilicate glass and Silicone Rubber

Filter Type: Reusable

Package Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 5.8 inches

Item Weight: 5.64 pounds

Manufacturer: Diguo

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Capacity: 5 Cups

Product Dimensions: 4.92"D x 16.34"W x 6.5"H

Special Feature: Manual

Coffee Maker Type: Vacuum Coffee Pot

Material: Stainless steel and Borosilicate Glass

Filter Type: Reusable

Item Weight: 1.54 Pounds

Manufacturer Hario

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Capacity: 8 Cups

Color: Clear

Coffee Maker Type: Vacuum Coffee Pot

Material: Glass

Filter Type: Reusable

Item Weight: 2.4 Pounds

Included Components:     Lid, Top Beaker, Bottom Beaker, Cloth Filter and Screen Assembly

Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 11 inches

Manufacturer Yama Glass

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Capacity: 1 Liters

Color: Stainless Steel

Special Feature: Jug

Material: Stainless Steel Borosilicate Glass

Package Dimensions 16.93 x 12.4 x 7.09 inches

Item Weight 2.11 pounds

Manufacturer Bodum

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Siphoning Sanity

 A Barista's Guide to Vacuum Coffee Makers

By: James Butler        Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 12, 2024

Greetings weary travellers on the coffee journey. Today I invite you into my beloved syphon, a machine that can both soothe and bewilder the caffeine-addled soul. We'll dip into its storied past, unlock its eccentricities, and meet some of the wacky characters who call it home. By the time this steaming pot overflows, you'll be siphoning sanity from the swirling vapors of this magical coffee contraption. Now pull up a chair, and let's get started syphoning!  

The Twisted Tale of Syphon Caffeination

The syphon coffee maker, also known as vacuum pot or siphon brewer, is a science experiment masquerading as a coffeemaker. Its roots stretch back 150 years to Hungarian scientist Szilard Gyöngy's bizarre patent filings, filled with complex syphon diagrams and cryptic prose.   

But the true golden age of syphoning began in the roaring 20s, when French inventors popularized the design we know today: two connected glass bulbs and a heat source. Mad scientists and Parisian cafes alike embraced the syphon's swirling clouds of aromatic steam and hypnotic bobbing of liquid between chambers. Syphons became objects of fascination, wonder, and a good amount of spilled coffee.  

While automatic methods gradually overtook the syphon’s market share, its devotees grew ever more fanatical. The liturgies of heating elements, seal lubrication, and grind size became holy texts. And so, a cult was born - one that worships the syphon as a ritual vessel through which one divine elixir may flow.    

Who Should Embrace the Syphon life?

Like an exotic bird that chirps only for the patient, syphons reward a special type of coffee obsessive:

• The Ceremonialists: For those seeking a immersive coffee ritual, syphons satisfy like no drip machine can. The whole production becomes a meditative performance art piece.

• Eccentrics: If you delight in complicated contraptions and perplexing puzzles, syphons will charm your quirky soul. You'll spend hours tinkering and calibrating variables.  

• Aesthetes: For many, it's the syphon's otherworldly glass sculptures that first cast their spell. The visual spectacle enhances every sip.

• Experimentalists: Syphons invite improvisation and invention. You'll concoct wild variations on the basic brewing method.  

• Patience Pilgrims: Syphons demand unhurriedness. You learn to savor the non-linear journey instead of fixating on the final cup.  

Despite its charm and impressive impact as coffee maker, syphons aren't suitable for:

• Convenience seekers: They're fussy, finicky, and prone to mishap. If instant gratification is your jam, keep siphoning.    

• High-volume operations: Syphons simply can't produce coffee at a commercial clip. They're meant for soloists, not orchestras. 

• Clumsiness: One wrong move and you may find yourself drinking a pot of siphon shards. Be mindful!

Popular Syphon Brands  

Hario: Simple, sturdy syphons at affordable prices. A great starting point for syphon rookies.

Yama: Japanese virtuosos known for meticulously crafted syphons. Sleek, sexy designs for the discerning syphoniac.   

Bodum: Danish designers who bring European elegance to syphon styles. Sleek curves and colorful options.

Diguo: Belgium beauties for syphon snobs. Ridged fulcrum with Tee handle and matching black wooden board base. A real conversation starter and center of attraction for it exquisite designs, brews in style and delicious coffee 

And so, we've siphoned the broth of this peculiar pot known as the vacuum coffee maker. I've tried to convey its eccentric charms and curious cultural cachet. Now I pass the syphon's flame to you, dear pilgrim on the java journey. Will you siphon the mysteries that lie within its glass chambers? The choice, and countless cups, now bubble before you.