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Timemore Chestnut S3 Review

Beyond Perfection

The TIMEMORE Chestnut S3 Grinder Experience

By: Alicia Walters  Revised by: Mark Cambell   Last updated: April 21, 2024


Body Material: Full metal unibody

Burr Type: S2C890 steel burrs

Grind Uniformity: High uniformity of grinding

Capacity: 30g

Adjustment: External point-to-point precision digital adjustment

Adjustment Precision: 0.015mm/grid ultra-fine adjustment

Burr Upgrade: Upgraded from S2C Burrs for enhanced flavor

Bearing: Customized high-precision bearings

Bearing Precision: Increased precision by 20%

Bearing Tolerance: Reduced from 7 microns to 5um

Dimensional Stability: Increased by 100%

Handle: Patented spring-assisted foldable handle

Grind Settings: Suitable for espresso, mocha, pour-over, French press.

Design Features: Compact and lightweight, ideal for travel.

As a former barista who has witnessed the evolution of coffee grinders over the years, I must say, the arrival of the TIMEMORE Chestnut S3 is akin to a breath of fresh air in the world of manual coffee grinding. This isn’t just another grinder; it’s a statement—a testament to TIMEMORE’s commitment to innovation and quality. Indeed, the TIMEMORE Chestnut S3 is a remarkable addition to the world of manual coffee grinders.

Upon unboxing the Chestnut S3, one is immediately struck by its sophisticated design and premium build quality. The full metal unibody isn’t just for show; it’s a promise of durability and a nod to the grinder’s premium build quality. The heft of the grinder in your hands feels reassuring, like a trusted tool that’s ready to embark on a coffee journey with you.

At the heart of the Chestnut S3 lies its S2C890 steel burrs. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill burrs; they’re a leap forward from the previous S2C burrs, offering greater grind uniformity and a flavor profile that’s cleaner and sweeter. As someone who appreciates the subtle nuances in coffee, I can attest that these burrs are a game-changer, delivering a superior grinding experience.

The external point-to-point precision digital adjustment is where the Chestnut S3 shines. With an ultra-fine adjustment of 0.015mm/grid, the grinder offers unparalleled control over the grind size. Whether you’re dialing in for a robust espresso or a delicate pour-over, the Chestnut S3 responds with the precision of a well-tuned instrument.

TIMEMORE’s customized high-precision bearings increase the grinder’s precision by 20%, and the reduction in tolerance from 7 microns to 5um is not just a technical improvement—it’s a commitment to consistency. The dimensional stability has been doubled, ensuring that every grind is as perfect as the last.

The patented spring-assisted foldable handle is a clever touch. It’s not just about saving space; it’s about the ease of use. The handle folds down smoothly against the body, preventing the grinder from tipping over and making it a breeze to store or pack for travel.

When compared to its predecessors, the Chestnut S3 stands out not just for its features but for the experience it offers. The previous models, like the C3 and C3 Pro, laid the groundwork with their quality burrs and portable designs. However, the Chestnut S3 takes everything a step further with its precision and attention to detail.

Using the Chestnut S3 is not just about grinding coffee; it’s about the ritual, the anticipation, and the satisfaction of crafting the perfect cup. It’s a grinder built for those who don’t just drink coffee but savor it. The Chestnut S3 isn’t just a tool; it’s a companion for every coffee lover’s journey towards the perfect brew.

In the landscape of manual grinders, the TIMEMORE Chestnut S3 is a masterpiece that stands tall, a beacon of precision and quality that beckons coffee enthusiasts to come and discover what the pinnacle of grinding looks like. So, here’s to the grind, the beans, and the cups that bring us joy—one precise turn at a time.