Alicia Walters

Alicia Walters is our senior editor and content writer at CoffeeWorldCorner. She was a talented and dedicated barista. She had a passion for coffee and prided herself in creating the perfect latte art. Alicia took immense pride in every cup of coffee she served and often went out of her way to ensure her customers had an unforgettable experience.

However, Alicia's journey took a new turn when she decided to step away from the espresso machine and pursue her passion for writing. Having acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coffee industry, Alicia decided to use her skills to share her love for coffee with the world.

Now, as a content writer for the CoffeeWorldCorner, Alicia passionately writes about the various nuances of coffee, from plant to cup. Her work involves educating readers on the different types of coffee, machines, and brewing techniques. She also puts together detailed guides to help readers choose the best espresso machine for their needs.

Through her writing, Alicia hopes to spread her love for coffee even further, inspiring others to create those perfect cups of coffee in the comfort of their own homes. She hopes to continue honing her craft and providing readers with enjoyable and informative content for years to come.

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