By: Alicia Walters     Revised by: Mark Cambell    Last updated: Jan 13, 2024

The Kalita Wave is a versatile and forgiving brewer that produces a richer cup than many drip makers. It's perfect for those exploring specialty coffee brewing.

Design: The Wave consists of a185μ ceramic filter holder and ribbed glass carafe. It utilizes flat-bottomed ceramic filters which create an even bed for water to pass through grounds.

Brewing: Add grounds and a #4 filter. Slowly and evenly distribute water in a circular motion until reaching your desired volume. Its steep swooping sides provide constant contact between water and grounds. 

Taste: Produces a sweet, full-bodied cup with low acidity. There's still clarity but it's a more rounded profile than conical pour-overs like the V60. Ribbing protects oils from dissipating.

Ease of Use: Set-up is simple and intuitive. The Wave's flat filter design is less finicky than paper filters, making it forgiving for beginners. Clean-up is just rinsing the carafe and reusable filters. 

Customization: Variables like water temperature, grind size, pouring technique, and filter papers #2-4 offer control over strength. Its generous bed can handle a variety of methods from single to multiple pours.

Value: An affordable kit for specialty-level coffee that will provide years of reliable service. Ideal for both experienced enthusiasts and newcomers seeking an upgrade from auto-drip. Overall, the Wave brews balanced cups with ease.

The Kalita Wave Brewing Kit makes specialty coffee approachable through its intuitive design and forgiving nature. It's a worthwhile investment for any coffee lover.

Pros :

Conical paper filter bonded to a durable glass base. Crafted to produce a balanced coffee concentrate. Holds 1-4 cups of coffee. 

•Paper filter is naturally acid-free, economical and produces minimal sediment. Allows optimal expression of freshness, acidity and flavor notes through clarity. 

•Fits 185mm (7 inch) filter - one of the most popular sizes. Satisfies light, medium and dark roasts equally well for a versatile pour-over. 

•Textured, crack-resistant glass base prevents slipping and exhaustion. Dishwasher safe for convenience. The glass design brings out the beautiful hues of your coffee. 

•Paper filter is flexible yet strong, preventing tears or leaks. Sealed base prevents mess and contains concentrate entirely within the filter. 

•Exceptional heat retention. The glass base maintains an even, consistent temperature for optimal, controlled extractions. Produces a medium to full-bodied yet balanced cup. 

•Wide opening provides easy access, allowing fuller coverage of the coffee bed. Allows control of pour while assessing extraction. Narrower neck guides pour in a spiral motion. 

•Very affordable, economical and sustainable. Minimal upfront costs and low ongoing costs. Paper filter is ultra-low waste. 

•Versatile yet minimalist design complements any setup or style. Produces crisp, light or bold and robust cups equally well. Adapts to different tastes and roast preferences. 

•Crafted for frequent, high-volume use with care and quality. Holds up well to daily use while still affordable. Backed by a 2-year warranty.