Your Breville Grinder suddenly sounds like broken? Here's How to Fix It.

Resolving Grinding Malfunctions for Optimal Performance

By: James Butler       Revised by: Mark Cambell   Last updated: Apr 13, 2024

When faced with a sudden, alarming noise from your Breville grinder, fear not; this guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and steps needed to troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively. Understanding the mechanism behind the grinder's fail-safe function is crucial—it acts as a protective measure to prevent severe damage to the machine's internal components, particularly the gears. Without this fail-safe, the risk of gear stripping would be imminent, potentially rendering the grinder inoperable.

Let's discover the possible reasons for the disruptive noise and the corresponding solutions:

1. Jammed Burrs:

   - This issue often occurs due to foreign objects like stones or hard beans obstructing the burrs.

   - Solution: Begin by using a vacuum cleaner to remove the hopper and carefully hover the top burr to clear any debris. Attempt to rotate and remove the top burr. If it remains stuck, reattach the hopper and set the grinder to its coarsest setting. Activate the grinder for a brief moment, stop, and attempt to remove the top burr again. Once removed, clean the lower burr thoroughly before reassembling the grinder.

2. Changed Internal Burr Settings:

   - Adjusting the internal burr settings to achieve a finer grind may lead to increased friction between the burrs.

   - Solution: Revert the settings to their default or normal position to alleviate the friction between the burrs and restore smooth operation.

3. Use of Light Roasted Beans:

   - Light roasted beans, while prized for their nuanced flavors, can be harder than darker roasts, leading to grinding difficulties.

   - Solution: Adjust the grinder to a coarser setting to accommodate the hardness of light roasted beans. If the issue persists, consider using a grinder with a more powerful motor designed for handling tougher beans.

4. Spraying Beans Before Grinding (Ross Droplet Technique):

   - Applying water or using the Ross Droplet Technique to beans before grinding can create clumps that obstruct the grinder's functionality.

   - Solution: Utilize a vacuum cleaner to clean the burrs thoroughly, removing any coffee residue or clumps that may impede the grinder's performance. Simply, stop spraying coffee beans.

By following these systematic steps and understanding the potential causes behind the disruptive noise, you can effectively diagnose and address issues with your Breville grinder, restoring it to optimal working condition and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted grinding experience.